Honour Code & COVID Policy
Honour Code
Please see: Honour Code   (updated 2023.07)

COVID Policy

1. COVID Policy
           Should a student have COVID, prior to the affected class, the student must--

       a. Provide an image of the antigen result and email Gina (ginawang@ntu.edu.tw) and Yvonne (yvonnechen@ntu.edu.tw).
           Write the name, student number, and date clearly on the cartridge, and take a photo of it with your student ID card.  
       b. Report himself/herself to the university 
           (Reporting system for fever or other symptoms / Reporting confirmed cases)
       c. Send an email to the professors and TAs of your affected course(s). 

2. Updated Epidemic Prevention Measures Effective from May 25, 2023 本校防疫訊息〜5月25起本校防疫相關措施