A tremendously successful GMBA Orientation on Sep 03, 2017
New faces, New names, New Hopes, New relationships yet with one brand identity -- GMBA 2019

As a new GMBA student, I was surprised that the orientation ceremony was well-organized and perfectly coordinated. Though our schedule says that classes will begin from Sep 11, today we got the chance to learn event management from our coordinators, cultural management from folks from different countries and even start to work with our future classmates for discussions. I was grateful to be one of these intellectuals who are masters in different fields.


During the team building session, we broke the ice among us, got to know of each other, understood everybody’s nature, learnt team-building & leadership qualities, shared our knowledge & experiences and above all, identified the inherent potential abilities and limitations of ourselves. Fun filled environment with a focused goal makes this orientation very special. Group activities groom our thoughts which helped everyone to realize the importance of synergistic performance. Simplicity of the Director, Professor Chia-lin Chen’s welcome speech is extreme. According to him, our path was set clear so that we are now on track and ready for the race.


I personally felt that I am on an international tour during my orientation program. Beside of that, the variety of foods, fruits, juices, cakes prepared for lunch even made this orientation more luxurious. What a lovely day we had !!! I owe my gratefulness to NTU.