NTU GMBA Info Session: Come and check it out
Published At:2015-05-01 
 2022-12-01 updated

The GMBA office has been advertising the GMBA program through various media outlets since mid-December 2014. This year, the program even posted large billboards in Ximending and other large pedestrian areas to enhance awareness of the NTU GMBA Program.

Fifty-seven people registered for GMBA Information Session on January 10th 2014 and more than 40 people attended; the attendance rate was about 70 percent. The GMBA Director, Professor Chan-Jane Lin, hosted the information session and gave details about the optimization of the GMBA courses and the increase of compulsory courses to ten since 2013. Professor Lin emphasized that GMBA utilizes more case studies in reference to the EMBA curriculum model. She further emphasized that most of the GMBA professors teaching compulsory courses come from NTU’s business faculty and have a strong academic foundation, extensive teaching experience, as well as EMBA teaching experience. In addition to the impressive staff of NTU professors, GMBA also invites famous professors, visiting scholars and experts from the real world business field to open selective courses and lectures. Professor Lin continued that GMBA is continuously collaborating with prestigious and internationally well-known management consulting firms. For example, the joint course with McKinsey provides students with more opportunities to learn the latest management trends and enable them to fully integrate business theories and practice.

Professor Chan-Jane Lin also addressed that GMBA students may not only learn with one another and bring out the spark of cultural exchange in the classroom, but also enjoy opportunities to participate in university or business school exchange and double-degree programs. The chance to visit other renowned institutions to learn, to absorb different national cultures, and to develop a broader international perspective is absolutely priceless, she said.

Aside from course offerings and exchange opportunities, Professor Lin also placed a heavy emphasis on the College of Management Career Development Center (CARDO), which provides career development and employment counseling services to help students in understanding the requirements of management positions in various industries. During the GMBA info session, two GMBA alumni, Cherry Hsu and Brandon Wu, shared their GMBA learning experienc and the impact on their career after receiving the GMBA degree. After the GMBA information session, the perspective students had a better understanding of the curriculum design, the application requirements, the scholarships information and other topics, which allowed them to better prepare themselvesfor joining the NTU GMBA Program.