Students Explore Taiwan's Offshore Wind Power Industry on an Educational Visit to Century Wind Power Co., Ltd.
Published At:2024-06-21 
 2024-06-21 updated

On May 24th, students from the Financial Reporting and Organizational Behavior classes embarked on an enlightening corporate visit to Century Wind Power Co., Ltd. in Bali District, New Taipei City. Before diving into the educational experience, the students enjoyed a delightful seafood lunch, which set a pleasant tone for the day.

The focus of the visit was on Taiwan's offshore wind power industry, where students gained valuable insights into the technological advancements and strategic initiatives driving this sector. Mr. Vincent Lin, the Chief Strategic Officer shared Century Wind Power's role in promoting sustainability through cutting-edge wind turbine technology, the economic impact of renewable energy on local communities, and Taiwan's ambitious goals for reducing carbon emissions and achieving energy independence. This segment of the visit highlighted the synergy between government and private companies in advancing Taiwan's renewable energy agenda.


A tour of the manufacturing and production area, where the jackets for offshore wind power installations are constructed, left the students in awe. They witnessed the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques involved in producing these critical components, underscoring the industry's commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

This hands-on experience enriched their understanding of the offshore wind power industry and its significance to Taiwan's future, leaving them inspired and better equipped for their academic and professional journeys.