Insights and Strategies from GMBA Stars: A Glimpse into the Hult Prize and FECC-AP Competitions
Published At:2023-12-04 
 2024-01-23 updated
In a remarkable experience-sharing event held on November 28th, two of our Global MBA (GMBA) program's brightest minds, Jean and Masaru, captivated an audience of peers and faculty with their exceptional journeys in two of the most prestigious academic competitions worldwide – the Hult Prize and the FECC-AP Case Competition.

Jean's Journey in the Hult Prize: 
Jean, an integral member of the team that clinched the second runner-up position in the Hult Prize competition, eloquently narrated her team's journey from the initial campus phase to the high-stakes final round in Paris. Her account was more than a story of competition; it was a masterclass in strategic preparation and execution. She stressed the importance of playing to the team's strengths rather than chasing trends, a strategy that proved vital in their impressive showing. Jean’s advice to future competitors centered on the significance of developing expertise, adopting effective frameworks, and adhering to a well-defined preparation timeline.

Masaru's Winning Experience at FECC-AP: 
Following Jean, Masaru, part of the winning team at the FECC-AP Case Competition held at Sasin Management School in Thailand, shared a compelling narrative of triumph against odds. Their journey began at the NTU CoM case competition, which led them to the international arena. Masaru described the intense challenge of developing a case solution in a mere five hours without the aid of phones or the internet. His story highlighted the enriching experience of translating academic theory into practical business solutions, an invaluable skill in today’s competitive business landscape.

The event transitioned into a dynamic Q&A session, where GMBA students showcased their keen engagement and enthusiasm. The session not only reflected the event's success but also set a high bar of expectation for next year's aspirants.

To conclude, the event was a deep dive into the intricate dynamics of competition participation. It underscored the necessity of a strategic focus, the practical application of academic learning, and the mastery of effective communication. The insights shared by Jean and Masaru serve as a beacon of guidance for students aiming to navigate the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of such competitions, paving the way for future success stories within our esteemed GMBA community.