Over the Moon: A Spectacular Moon Festival Movie Night at GMBA
Published At:2023-10-06 
 2023-10-06 updated

The Moon Festival Movie Night was absolutely Over The Moon! On the night of September 28th, just before the long mid-autumn weekend, GMBAers gathered in the GMBA lounge for a delightful evening that celebrated the beauty of the Moon Festival through the magic of cinema, delectable mooncakes, and some brain-teasing riddle-solving!

In the heartwarming movie "Over The Moon," we embarked on a journey alongside Fei Fei as she set out to explore her mother's cherished legend about a moon goddess patiently waiting for the return of her lost love. Armed with determination, Fei Fei builds a rocket and takes off into the stars, transporting herself into a world brimming with helpful dragons and luminous creatures inspired by the rich Chinese tradition of the Moon Festival.

To make this cinematic experience even more delightful, we served a spread of mooncakes, egg yolk cakes, and various traditional Taiwanese desserts for everyone to savor. In the spirit of community and sharing, GMBA friends also brought their favorite desserts to exchange, creating a delightful array of flavors that perfectly complemented the Moon Festival theme.

However, the evening wasn't just about indulging in delectable treats and enjoying the heartwarming movie. We also had an intellectual challenge – riddle-solving! Participants were given intriguing riddles, and the goal was to decipher the riddles and translate them into the related Moon Code Numbers, all leading to the sweet revelation of "Moon Cake." Did you manage to crack the code?

At GMBA Student Council, we consistently encourage the student community to embrace cultural differences. We believe that understanding and celebrating diverse traditions enrich our collective experience. Events like the Moon Festival Movie Night provide opportunities for our fellow students to learn more about one another and appreciate the beauty of various cultures.

We hope you all had a fantastic time during the Moon Festival Movie Night, exploring the touching story of Fei Fei and her celestial adventure. Stay tuned for more exciting events as we continue to celebrate and learn about the cultural mosaic that makes our community so special. See you next time, and remember to keep embracing the richness of cultural diversity!