Celebrating Unity and Growth at Our GMBA Welcome Back Party
Published At:2023-09-25 
 2023-10-06 updated

Welcome and welcome back! After two weeks of diving into the whirlwind of school life, it's time to kick back and enjoy our Welcome Back Party. This event is not just about fun; it's a chance to connect with old friends and make new ones. With more than 80 participants in attendance, we gathered at the fantastic Redpoint Brewing Co., our chosen venue for the evening, where the ambiance was alive with laughter and friendship. And let's not forget the delicious hamburgers, chicken wings, and

refreshing beers that added to the joyous atmosphere!

This year, our Welcome Back Party was exactly as it should be, uniting not only the new GMBA batches and current students but also some esteemed alumni who joined us for this family-like event to warmly welcome the newcomers. We were honored to have two inspiring speakers at the event:

Christy, a representative from the GMBA office, and Edward, the president of the GMBA alumni association. Both of them shared some encouraging words to kick-start the new semester on a high note.

The night didn't end there! We extended the celebrations with an afterparty at Another Brick near Gongguan, ensuring that the connections and conversations continued to flow. It was a perfect way to carry forward the spirit of togetherness and unity that makes our GMBA community so special.

The Welcome Back Party is a traditional event in the GMBA Student Council, and it embodies the essence of our community spirit—bringing people together through networking, sharing experiences, and mingling. We believe that the value of GMBA extends beyond academics; it's about forging lifelong relationships. That's why we put together events like the Welcome Back Party; they serve as a platform to help us realize this goal.

Remember, we are all part of something greater than ourselves—a supportive network that uplifts and empowers each member. As we embark on the new semester, let's carry this spirit of unity and camaraderie with us. Together, we'll not only thrive but also reach new heights, both personally and academically.