GMBA Career Workshop session IV
Published At:2023-06-09 
 2023-06-21 updated
The GMBA Career Workshop, which took place on 6/2, was a highly interactive event that covered a wide range of important topics. The session commenced with participants introducing themselves and sharing their career priorities. The lecturer skillfully facilitated a dynamic discussion on the contrasting company cultures between Asia and the West. Following that, attendees actively engaged in group discussions, sharing their personal experiences with different types of managers, both positive and negative.

The workshop provided a deep exploration of the differences between generations, shedding light on the distinct values and expectations each generation brings to the workplace. To emphasize the significance of effective communication, real-life examples of poorly composed client emails were shared. Moreover, participants gained valuable insights into salary negotiation and raises, empowering them with the knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions.

In summary, the GMBA Career Workshop offered a comprehensive learning experience, covering crucial aspects such as career priorities, company culture, effective management, generational disparities, client communication, and financial success. The participants left the event equipped with practical strategies to navigate their professional journeys successfully.