GMBA & CHTI Proposal Competition Showcases Student Innovation in Smart Cities Projects
Published At:2023-06-01 
 2023-06-14 updated
On 25th May was the CHTI proposal competition taking place. It was an exciting event focusing on allowing students to provide solutions to Chunghwa telecom in the smart cities projects. This competition provided students with a platform to display their ideas and offer valuable insights to the company, with the aim of determining the most viable solutions for the company's future ventures. However, the significance of this competition extends beyond the company itself, as it serves as a valuable learning experience for students, enabling them to be creative, gain knowledge about investment opportunities, and deepen their understanding of the business world.
The presence of esteemed guests, including the president of Chunghwa Telecom, alongside a panel of judges comprising company top management and the GMBA professors, further heightened the importance of the event. Their expertise and diverse background ensured a comprehensive evaluation of the proposals presented.
The competition featured seven groups composed of NTU students from different colleges and departments. Each group presented their innovative solutions, focusing on a range of topics that addressed the pressing pain points and opportunities associated with the idea. The notable topics explored by the participants included transforming active ageing in Singapore with CHT, SMART amusement park solutions in Vietnam, EV charging systems, Integrating smart poles in Indonesia, SMART governance in Thailand, SMART energy in Japan, and SMART poles in the Philippines. These diverse topics displayed the depth of knowledge and creativity displayed by the participants.
Throughout the competition, the atmosphere was exciting, with good presentations followed with remarks and questions by the panel. The event not only provided a platform for students to highlight their techniques, but it also created an environment where attendees had the opportunity to learn about various innovative businesses and gain valuable insights.
Furthermore, as the event ended, the president of Chunghwa Telecom expressed gratitude to all the participants for their involvement in the competition. The president’s words of appreciation were followed by one of the judges, who praised the participants for their confidence, knowledge of valuable investments and potential corporate partnerships. Finally, as the saying goes, every competition has one winner, and in that manner, the winners of CHTI proposal competition were announced. The event concluded with capturing group photos to commemorate the event. Once again, congratulations to the winners for their outstanding performance.