GMBA Career Workshop session II
Published At:2023-04-21 
 2023-06-14 updated
GMBA held its second workshop on April 7th, which focused on interview and job searching tips. The event was held at R403 and featured a delicious light dinner. The session kicked off with introductions from the participants, who shared their initial interview experiences or past work experiences. The lecturer, Alan McIvor, then provided step-by-step advice on interview preparation and tips.
After the lecture, participants were given a task to think of good interview questions and share them with others. Following this, Alan discussed frequently asked interview questions, and participants shared their own experiences and thoughts on the examples given.
Participants were then divided into small groups of 2 or 3 and took turns answering common interview questions, providing feedback and constructive criticism to their partners' answers. The lecturer also discussed red flags to avoid in interviews, including inappropriate physical behavior, ensuring proper answering content, and interacting with the interviewers beyond just question-and-answer format.
The workshop ended with a Q&A session where participants actively asked questions and received professional answers from the lecturer based on his experience.  Participants actively engaged with the lecture, gaining insights and practical advice on interview preparation from Alan. The GMBA community looks forward to hosting more informative and interactive events to support participants in enhancing their professional skills and succeeding in their careers.