GMBA Career Workshop session III
Published At:2023-05-19 
 2023-06-14 updated

On May 12th, GMBA invited a special guest speaker, Alan McIvor, to deliver the third session of a series of career workshops. In this workshop, participants had the opportunity to gain insights into the Taiwan job market, as well as learn how to become an effective international talent. 

During the workshop, Alan shared 12 actionable points that the participants can apply regardless of the industry or job position. These points aimed to help participants stand out as foreign talent in the job market and enhance their employability. Alan covered crucial areas such as language, learning mindset, and several foreigners' dos and don'ts. Being a fan of an interactive classroom environment, Alan divided the participants into many small groups and prompted each group to either come up with a 13th actionable point that is important but yet often overlooked by many people or select the most important point from the 12 that he shared and explain the reasoning. Everyone actively participated in their respective group discussions, gaining valuable insights by exchanging ideas and perspectives during the collaborative sharing session.

The event included a light dinner and beverages for the attendees. Alan wrapped up the workshop by addressing the questions that the participants had. In summary, the workshop equipped the participants with some practical takeaways that can hopefully assist participants in embarking on their career journey in Taiwan.