Visit Chunghwa Telecom International (CHTI) Banqiao Telecommunications College
Published At:2023-04-03 
 2023-04-14 updated
On March 27th, students from various competition teams participated in the CHTI Company Visit to gain knowledge about the company's objectives and its current smart solutions. The purpose of the visit was to gather insights that will help the students come up with fitting business proposals for the competition.
During the visit, students received detailed presentations on CHTI's smart cities and 5G technology, which can enhance efficiency and make our lives easier. CHTI also showcased some of the smart solutions implemented in the facility, including smart poles and smart parking. The visit culminated with a tour of CHTI's showroom, featuring advanced applications from 5G to medical devices.
The deadline for submitting business proposals for the CHTI competition is May 10th at noon, and finalist teams will be announced on May 19th at noon.