2022 IMP Company Visit
Published At:2022-12-22 
 2022-12-22 updated

On November 30, 2022, 20 students, with Professor Charles Chang, participated and went for a field trip to SETEC Corporation (翔勝企業股份有限公司), which is based in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. 
The company's core business is the design, production, and installation of equipment for the semiconductor, optical, and medical industries. With the excellent technology and customer reputation accumulated over the past 35 years, SETEC has put a lot of effort in strengthening and improving the research, development, and manufacturing of automation equipment, and strive to make the company a leading position in the R&D area of high-tech equipment in Taiwanese market.  
During the visit, one team was divided into two and given a tour of the various offices, while the other was given the opportunity to view and comprehend the company's machines and equipment. The goals of the trip were to get to know about the company in more details in terms of its daily production line, to get exposure on various products, automatic machinery and equipment, and also learn about company culture from the founder and CEO, Mr. Huang (黃煥榮). We were guided not only by the CEO but also different senior employees of the company who explained in detail about the production line and the company’s specialty. They explained to us how SETEC was able to enter this niche market is that they have actively collaborated with their customers, not only producing the products upon the unique requirements, but proactively providing their own R&D resources to develop customized equipment together with the customers. Both this and also the superior reliability of SETEC products justified a higher price. Additionally, the allocation of both production and R&D departments at the same spot allowed very close and fast collaboration between these two functions, as opposed to many competitors, who had R&D and production in different locations. 
Also, Mr Huang introduced the strategy of SETEC is to generate a hostile environment in the working place. In particular, people who make mistakes are not always punished, but are encouraged to learn from mistakes and find the most effective solutions. In the meantime, employees who generated gains for the company will be awarded with high bonus payments. This practice combined with the unique approach of promotion based on skill rather than seniority, quickly led to highly motivated and empowered employees who could support SETEC fast-paced innovation strategy. 
Thanks to the welcoming workplace environment, we were able to learn more about product branding, which will be useful to students in the future, especially those who are interested in business. Finally, the CEO, Mr. Huang, received a certificate from our Professor Charles expressing GMBA's appreciation. Mr. Huang was thanked for the care and support of the GMBA program. The company also prepared small gifts for the visitors with the cookie from the most famous bakery store in Hsinchu. As always, a group photo was taken to complete the event.

(Written by GMBA student Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong (Faith))