GMBA Sport Team won the 3rd prize of NTU athletic spiritual championship
Published At:2022-12-06 
 2023-01-05 updated


The first week of December 2022, Taipei has entered into winter session and it was raining but these won’t stop the sportsmanship of GMBA’s students. At December 2nd and 3rd, NTU has its 73th Sports Day. Over 30 GMBAer get motivated and registered more than 10 competitions.
In begin the opening ceremony, a team of GMBAer line up together to represent the flag of GMBA. After that, they moved to the sports filed and cheer up for their MVP - Yoshi. Yoshi ran on the lane 6 of 100m Male individual running. He has a confidence smile on face, and was captured the moment while flying across the finish line.
Beside that, this year the GMBA female team is very impressive because they signed up for 3 relay competitions, included 12 x 100m, 4 x 400m, 4 x 100m relay respectively. Three weeks before the race, they meet up together for try out and decide the running order. They are well organized and even get compliment by the host for their team spirit and passion during the relay.
Same story for our 4 x 100m male relay, they trained very hard and serious for the race. During the race, they came 1 hours early for doing stretching to ensure they in the best condition. 
Beside the relay, Sharon being the leader of all GMBA’s female runner, she participated the 5000m individual running. She achieved a magnificent result of 22 mins and won the 1st silver medal for GMBA.
The second day, sun finally showed up and it was a lot of fun for everyone. Many GMBA students have signed up for all the carnival competitions. The first game is called ball shooting and everyone has no idea on how it work until saw the example. The rule is one teammate holding a long pole with a basket on top and standing in the middle for others to throwing balls into the basket. It’s kind a funny because En Vi, the GMBA student, as the pole master, he needs to wear a helmet and head facing down to prevent hit by the ball that miss out into basket. All of the students are enjoying the games and being creative on how to win. 
The sports day started on rainy day but ended with a magnificent result for GMBA: a 3rd prize of Athletic Spiritual Championship was granted to GMBA program! Thanks to the team spirit and effort of all GMBA’s athletes. Beside their efforts, the GMBA sport team would like to thank to Office in sponsoring all the needs during the 3 weeks training sessions.
In conclusion, GMBA’s students are having fun and joy for participating the sports day. They are looking forward to the next sports event to build up the team spirit and achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

(Written by GMBA students Ansem Chai and Elisabeth Kreitschmann)


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