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GMBA Alumni Association 2020 (TBA)
GMBA Alumni Association Election 2020
On Aug 14 2020, we have finally done our first GMBA Alumni Association Election.  This is our honor to have Dean of College of Management Professor Shing-yang Hu to give an opening speech.  Gratitude to GMBA Director Professor Audrey Hsu, who gives our alumni the greatest support and set the milestone.  Special thanks to Professor Edward Hsieh too, for he agreed to be appointed as the Alumni Association Advisor.

We have more than 50 alumni to join the event, and some who cannot join the gathering also dropped by and made their votes.  Happy to see alumni from the same batch have their mini-reunion again, and also great to see people are getting connected accross the generations too!

In a strong sense of obligation, Edward Wang was elected the GMBA Alumni Association President, and he is going to register the Association as a civil association.  Of course our success cannot come from just one person, in GMBA, we are like family members.  Thanks again for all your continous support, GMBA Ohana!

GMBA Alumni Ambassador
GMBA is a big family from all around the world.  Up to now, we already have more than 50 nationalities!  Although our Alumni Association is based in Taiwan, our overseas alumni are never left behind.  Starting from 2020, we are appointing overseas alumni as Alumni Ambassadors.  Wherever you are travelling, you will have alumni be around.