Counseling measures for foreign students/overseas Chinese students

English Counseling Services at Student Counseling Center


The NTU Student Counseling Center offers counseling sessions in English for students whose native language is not Chinese. Students who require this service can make appointments online at:


For more information, please visit the Student Counseling Center website:


NTU Center for Student Well-Being


Foreign students/overseas Chinese students who wish to discuss issues other than counseling (such as academic issues, conflict resolution, etc.) can contact our NTU Center for Student Well-Being through the appointment system or via email to speak with a student guidance counselor. The counselor will first understand the student's situation and then assist with subsequent arrangements.


Student guidance counselors are proficient in basic communication. If students are concerned about their ability to express themselves fully in Chinese or English, it is recommended to initiate initial contact via email.


Other On-Campus Resources


  1. NTU Office of International Affairs, NTU Overseas Students Advising Division: These two units are responsible for matters concerning international and overseas Chinese students both on and off-campus. If students or faculty have any needs, they are encouraged to contact these units first.
  2. NTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development Digital Learning Center: Provides learning support resources for specific subjects (including calculus, statistics, etc.), led by NTU students acting as tutors, and offers academic guidance (problem-solving, clarifying concepts, etc.) in English.










可透過 學輔中心的預約系統 或電子郵件,和本院學輔專員聯繫,








1.     國際處、僑陸組:此二單位主責校內外籍生/僑陸生之事務,若學生或師長有需求可優先與其聯繫。

2.     教發中心學習諮詢:提供特定科目的學習支持資源(包含微積分、統計學等),由台大學生擔任小老師,並能以英語進行課業輔導(解題、釐清觀念等)。