European Education Fair and Tour (EEFT): The 5th Campus Ambassador Program has started

European Education Fair and Tour (EEFT) is launching the 5th Campus Ambassador Program, seeking 15 college students to join our team and become ambassadors promoting the European Education Fair on campuses.


Sign-up link:


Apart from gaining access to the latest and most comprehensive information on studying in Europe, you'll also have the opportunity to network with campus ambassador peers and alumni who have studied in Europe  - a valuable addition to your network.


Recruitment Criteria:

1. Currently enrolled college students from May 2024 to November 2024 with no plans for studying abroad during the academic year.

2. Have active social media accounts on platforms like Facebook (with at least 500 followers), Instagram (with at least 500 followers), Line, etc.

3. Willing to serve as assistants at the European Education Fair in Taipei from October 19th to 20th (compensation provided separately).

Note: Having fewer than 500 followers doesn't disqualify you! Applications will be evaluated comprehensively, and the number of followers is just one aspect. All students are welcome to apply!


Ambassador Qualities:

1. Passionate about European culture and interested in studying or traveling in Europe.

2. Have a keen awareness of international information and enjoy sharing information with peers (willing to disclose social media accounts).

3. Strong team collaboration skills and willingness to organize large-scale exhibitions with the team.

4. Highly responsible and possess strong execution abilities


Bonus Points:
Experience participating in international clubs or related activities, or experience in writing social media content, graphic design, or video editing skills.

1. Recruitment period: March 1st - March 29th

2. Interview period: April 1st - April 19th (in-person interviews)

3. Announcement of acceptance: April 29th

4. First meeting: May 11th (Saturday) at noon near Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station

5. Term: May to November


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Promotion of European education information (individual): Post 2 pieces of European study information on social media each month, including scholarships, school introductions, etc. These posts should be related to the European Education Fair. Content creation is required, and reports on posts are necessary.

Confirm the posting of the European Education Fair posters and promotional materials on campuses before the exhibition.

European Education Fair preparation (group): Collaborate with the organizing team to plan Taiwan's largest European study fair, including tasks such as social media maintenance, brainstorming advertising materials, organizing exhibition information, and designing promotional materials. Project mentors will guide and lead you in organizing large international events, providing valuable workplace experience.


1. Marketing Team :
Generating social media content, producing short videos, contacting and collaborating with influencers for promotion.


2. Public Relations Team:
Acting as a liaison between the organizers and schools, coordinating exhibition matters, and collecting the necessary information from schools/organizers.


3. Exhibition Planning Team:
Participating in exhibition planning, coordinating required props, and designing and producing promotional materials.


(Teams will be announced after acceptance, and individuals will be grouped based on resumes and preferences, with an expected group size of 5 people. Monthly online meetings will be held.)

European Education Fair Assistant: Provide support at the Taipei Creative Expo on October 19th-20th (compensation provided separately).



1. Access to the latest and most accurate information on European study opportunities.

2. Excellent performers will receive a certificate of excellence and a gift voucher worth up to NT$5000.

3. Priority consideration for assistant roles at the European Education Fair (with additional compensation and certificates).

4. Valuable experience in organizing Taiwan's largest European study fair, guided by professional mentors.

5. Flexible tasks with no geographical restrictions.

6. Regular gatherings to network with campus ambassadors and European alumni, enhancing your network.

7. Occasional professional lectures and career sharing sessions.