GMBA Policy Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equity

At NTU GMBA, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem where every individual is not just valued, but celebrated, and where their fullest potential is unleashed.


Diversity and Inclusion


We firmly believe that diversity is the lifeblood of our educational experience, enriching our global outlook. We are steadfastly devoted to:


1. Fostering diversity at every juncture of the GMBA program.
2. Providing an equitable learning environment, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, culture, or professional background.
3. Cultivating an inclusive atmosphere where diverse perspectives are embraced.
4. Cultivating open dialogue, collaboration, and the unimpeded exchange of ideas among all members of the GMBA community.


Should you encounter any challenges related to diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to reach out to GMBA Director Professor Audrey Hsu at Your concerns matter to us, and your input is instrumental in our collective journey toward an inclusive community.


Gender Equity


Gender equity stands as a cornerstone of our GMBA program. We are deeply committed to:


1. Guaranteeing equal opportunities and representation for all genders.
2. Confronting gender-based discrimination, harassment, and bias head-on, with an unequivocal zero-tolerance stance.


GMBA unwaveringly upholds the principles of gender equality and does not tolerate any form of gender-related discrimination or harassment. In the event of any such incident occurring within GMBA, our office will promptly initiate the appropriate protocols in accordance with National Taiwan University guidelines, reporting to the National Taiwan University Gender Equity Education Committee. To report any related issue, please contact or GMBA Director Professor Audrey Hsu at for guidance and support to ensure your well-being.


Following are some of the information for your reference:

  1. NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for the Prevention of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Bullying on Campus
  2. Rights Protection and Related Assistance Notice for the Parties of Gender RelatedIncident
  3. Gender Equality Incident Handling Procedures


Campus Safety and Emergency Assistance


For urgent situations such as medical emergencies requiring an ambulance or fire-related incidents, please dial 119 or 110 first to ensure swift emergency response.


The other hotlines on campus include:

1. Garrison Police Force 24-hour hotline: 02-33669110 (Campus emergency reporting hotline)
2. Campus Safety Center 24-hour hotline: 02-33669119 (Student emergency assistance)
3. NTU Student Counseling Center : 02-33662181



At NTU GMBA, our dedication to fostering diversity, promoting inclusion, and advancing gender equity within the program is resolute. We believe that through these principles, we sculpt an educational environment that empowers individuals to excel academically and professionally while contributing meaningfully to a fairer and more equitable society.