Job Offering: SI/PI Engineer by ASUS

Position: SI/PI Engineer (Taipei, Taiwan)

Job Descriptions:

1.) Conduct board level SI/PI (Signal Integrity/Power Integrity) simulations in early design stages on all ASUS products (VGA, Server, Desktop, Notebook, Phone, Motherboards, etc..) and provide design recommendations to layout teams to make sure systems can function properly after manufactured.

2.) Conduct Pre-Layout simulations to evaluate appropriate stackup, layout designs

3.) Conduct Post-Layout simulations to evaluate signal and power integrity

4.) Research on advanced EM-related topics


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職缺: SI/PI 工程師 (台北,台灣)



1.) 執行NB,手機,伺服器,主機板, VGA板卡, 等華碩產品之高速複雜電路SI/PI模擬驗證。當產品電氣特性不如預期時,進行問題分析且找出根本原因,並歸納提供設計準則以確保後續產品之開發。

2.) 以Pre-sim.提供適合的佈線規則。

3.) 以Post-sim.確保高速信號品質的可靠度,並降低去耦合電容元件數量,降低成本。

4.) 研究開發新穎電磁相關技術