Scholarship offering: E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship 2020


The E.SUN Volunteer & Social welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation)

promotes talent exchanges with ASEAN countries and encourages outstanding ASEAN students to

come to Taiwan to study. With the purpose of cultivating outstanding talents of ASEAN with

international professionalism and competence, the Foundation specially set up the E.SUN Bank

ASEAN Scholarship.

Application eligibility and partner schools

1. Eligibility: An applicant who holds a citizenship of Cambodia, Vietnam or Myanmar applies

for a master's degree and is admitted to a partner school may apply.

2. Partner schools: National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Taiwan

Normal University, National Taipei University, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun

Yat-Sen University and other universities that cooperate with E.SUN financial foundation and

the ASEAN countries.

Scholarship amount and quota

1. Awardee receives total NTD 100,000 for one academic year, distributed in two semesters.

2. The number of scholarship awardees shall be decided and allocated by the Selection


Application method

Applicants can fill in an application form either on Foundation’s website or by the partner schools.

Application materials mentioned below shall be submitted to the Foundation in electronic file.

1. Application form: Including autobiography, career planning, and others.

2. Admission letter or Enrollment certificate

3. Photocopy of the passport or residence permit

4. Other supplementary documents: such as transcripts, language proficiency test scores,

other outstanding performance certificates, etc.

Selection procedure

1. The Foundation sets up a Selection Committee to perform the application reviewing in a fair

and cautious manner.

2. Selection timeline:

1) Application submission: Applicants must submit the application materials to the

Foundation during the application period.

2) Reviewing: Selection Committee will review the application materials and schedule

interviews if needed.

3) Approval: A final list of awardees will be approved and notified by the Foundation.

Their names will also be published on the Foundation's website.

4) Awarding ceremony: The awardees shall attend an awarding ceremony organized by the



1. In order to encourage the awardees to share their learning experiences and give back to the

society, the Foundation will invite the awardees to participate in various occasions of

experience exchanging and E.SUN public welfare activities from time to time.

2. In the year of award, the awardees shall submit a latest enrollment certificate, a semester

transcript, study reports and/or reports about participating in the activities organized by

E.SUN. This is to ensure the qualification of receiving scholarship. Each semester the

awardee’s academic performance should meet at least one of the following conditions:

1) Top 30% of the class results

2) GPA 3.0 or above or equivalent evaluation method

3) Other special outstanding performance approved by the Foundation

3. Current awardees may have a chance to receive scholarships again in the second academic

year after reviewing by the Foundation.

4. E.SUN Bank may give priority to the awardees for internship and employment opportunities

within the corporation, but reserve the rights to grant the final admission.

5. The Foundation may terminate the scholarship offering in the condition of perceiving the awardee has violated the purpose of setting up the scholarship.

Application Form click here
Please turn in all the required documents and application form to GMBA Office before Aug. 31
Contact person: Yvonne Chen
E.SUN Foundation: