GMBA Marketing Management : Final presentation at CHT headquarter

GMBA has made Marketing Management class of Spring 2020 into another level. Bringing knowledge from the class to apply to real industry cases makes learning process more practical and inspired. In this spring, despite many obstacles from COVID-19 problem, GMBA has made a great effort to bring two real international business projects from Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan, to challenge students of its Marketing Management class. 

Trying to expanding its business overseas, CHT is pursuing the businesses for “Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solution” and “e-VAT Refund Solution” internationally. Collaborating with Noodoe, the leading manufacturer and solution provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in North America, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and Europe, CHT wants to bring the EV charging solution into new markets including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and others to realize Smart and Green Cities around the world. Also, as it is known that Taiwan VAT refund is among the best in the world, CHT also wants to bring its well-established e-VAT refund solution business to apply in many other countries enriching tourist businesses and economies of the destinations. Believing in GMBA students’ capabilities and expecting to leverage their diversities (GMBA students come from more than 30 different countries) for its oversea businesses, CHT feels confident to share internal information and business strategies to challenge these students. CHT even invited Noodoe Chairman and its own high-rank officers to come to directly explain details of the projects with students at the class. Besides, job and internship opportunities are also provided to foreign and local students.

At the final presentation meetings, all teams of GMBA students came up with practical marketing plans with insight and critical information, which lead to decision making. The winner for the EV Charging Solution was Group 1, which its members include Patty, Mandy, Lucy, Kai and Watz. Their work provides many insights to CHT for EV solution business in Thailand as they did many researches and carried a marketing survey (N=53) to collect end users’ opinions on EV charging despite limitation of working time. The winner for the e-VAT refund solution is Group 7, which its members include Meaw, Chia, Renaud, Kan and Kelvin. They did deep research into Thailand’s regulations and laws on VAT refund that lead to great story line with practical and realistic action plans. Finally, it is hoped that this great collaboration will be continued in the following years to create more positive impact for societies in local and global levels. 

(Written by Nawatt Silawan 金石雨本, GMBA student)