Job opportunity: Expatriate Manager in Senegal


Expatriate Manager Required

公司名稱: Afriocean SUARL (SENEGAL)

Company Name: Afriocean SUARL (SENEGAL)

產業: 冷凍水產及食品加工

Industry: Frozen food and food processing

工作地點: 塞內加爾DakarDiamniadio

Location: Dakar and Diamniadio, Senegal


Employment period: 10 Yrs or above (3 yrs training, 4 yrs development, 3 yrs advancement)


Job descriptions: Assist the GM or work independently with the followings

  1. 建構當地經營團隊 Build a local marketing team
  2. 設定及督導各單位工作目標 Setting up working goals and implementation
  3. 建構工廠管理制度及系統 Building up management systems to factories
  4. 整合及協調各部門工作 Integration and coordination of different departments
  5. 處理當地員工及政府官方疑難雜症 Deal with situations with local employees and local government
  6. 發展及策劃各項專案及利用內外部資源達成目標 Launching and implementing different project to the growth of the company




1. 法文B1等級以上或者實際具備法文聽說讀寫能力

French DELF B1 or above or equivalent

2. 具備企業管理相關或個別專業知識技能或者興趣

Management background, or other specialties with interest

3. 強烈企圖心,使命感,責任感,熱愛工作與理想

Ambitious, sense of mission, responsible and love your work

4. 高度彈性應變,理解能力及領導能力

High flexibility, thoughtfulness and leadership

5. 高度目標導向,不受情緒及個性影響

Highly target-orientated and non-emotional

6. 具備溝通協調能力,能夠整合及容納不同意見

Communication and negotiation skills, and accept different opinions

7. 具備高度職場倫理,謹守分際,並勇於據理力爭,擇善固執

Employment ethics, do things right, do right things

8.  有長期駐外的心理準備及家庭環境

Be prepared to expatriate for long




1. 待遇面議,視個人狀況提供底薪,分紅等選項。

Salary negotiable, payment system can be basic salary or bonus.

2. 駐外期間食宿交通由公司負責。

Transportation and accommodation during expatriation will be liable to Afriocean SUARL

3. 應徵人員無經驗或尚未具備完整能力亦可,將會改為應徵儲備幹部,並由公司協助培訓。重點在具備以上人格特質。

No relevant experience may also considered as Management Trainee, training will be provided if you have the said personality.

4. 應徵過程會有數次面試,小論文,及心理測驗等要求,請耐心配合。

You will be interviewed for several times and there will be essay questions and aptitude tests, so please be patient.

Contact information

總經理 陳忠信

General Manager, John Chen (GMBA Class of 2015)可參考)