Graduation: Thesis & Oral Defense (Updated: Jun 2021)
Thesis Workshop

The GMBA office will be holding two thesis workshops every year in around Nov and/or Dec.  

For graduation and thesis related queries, please feel free to contact Christy at
Step 1. Course selection, Topic Approval & Find your thesis advisor
  • Register the course "Master Thesis" during the course selection period (Course code: GMBA7999)
  • Only full-time professors can be your thesis advisor
  • If you would like to invite an adjunct professor, you need another full-time professor to be your thesis advisor. The faculty’s title can be found at


Submitting your Thesis Proposal to GMBA for Approval
Prior to conducting their research, GMBA students are asked to submit a Thesis Proposal along with the Thesis Proposal Approval form for approval by the office. This first step enables the office to guide you and also enables your prospective advisor to understand your topic. 
* This requirement applies to all GMBA students from the 2021 batch and onwards.
* The Thesis Approval Form needs to be signed by the GMBA office at least 2 months before your Oral Defense.

The thesis proposal is a 3-to-5-page document showing your topic and how you hope to pursue it. It answers 3 questions:

  1. What do you aim to accomplish?
  2. Why this research? 
  3. How are you going to do the research?

It typically includes a:

  • clear introduction to the research problem or business case,
  • background and significance section that describes its relevance,
  • brief literature review showing what you already know about the topic,
  • research design and method showing how you hope to pursue the topic.

Click here for a Thesis Proposal Template

Find Your Thesis Advisor


  • Recommend that you find your advisor(s) by Jan 31 (Spring) or Jul 31 (Fall)
  • Fill up the Thesis Advisor Agreement Form
     (a) Please ask your advisor to sign the Agreement Form. If you may have 2 advisors, please ask them to sign on the SAME form. Before signing a second advisor, be sure that you have permission from your first advisor.
     (b) Submit it to the GMBA office
   (c) Please note that once your advisor(s) is/are confirmed, no changes can be made
   (d) You only need to submit once, but not every semester
   (e) If you have difficulty finding an advisor, please approach the office or the Thesis Committee Coordinator, 
Professor Leon van Jaarsveldt, for assistance.
Step 2. Graduation Application

Submit hard copies of the documents listed below to the GMBA office no later than Jan 31 (Fall) or May 2 (Spring).

Submit all Application Forms and Thesis Outline to GMBA office (Hardcopy or softcopy)

Document 1. A signed copy of the Online Graduation Application
Document 2. COURSE SELECTION RESULTS of the current semester 
(Screenshot or print-out)
Document 3. TRANSCRIPTS (Make sure you have completed or will be completing 39 credits in the semester before you apply)

Document 4. Thesis Outline (at least 3 pages, format please see:

Document 5. Certificate of Academic Ethics course (Apply to students admitted from the academic year 2018-2019 onwards)


Fill in the information and the application form will be generated.  Please print it out and ask your Thesis Advisor to sign on it before handing it into the office.

Year of Graduation please fill in the month that you planned to do the oral defense.  If you have not decided yet, please choose the last option from the list.


After logging in, click on “Course Selection Results”. Take the screenshot of the “Course Selection Results” and submit the hard copy to the GMBA office.

NTU Online Course Information:

Screenshot example of the “Course Selection Results”


You may apply for your transcripts via myNTU.


Your thesis draft should be at least 3 pages.  This can be your content or index page of your thesis.

Step 3. Oral Defense

3.1 Apply to the GMBA office at least ONE WEEK prior to your oral defense date via the following link:



  • Deadline: Fall semester- Feb 8; Spring semester- Jul 31
  • Please prepare your final version of the thesis (both hard copies and soft copies) for your advisor and committee members ONE week prior to your oral defense.
  • Oral defense time: Suggestion - Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Please confirm with your Advisor(s)
  • The defense classroom/discussion room will be equipped with a projector (VGA slot), but there may not be a computer.  Please prepare your own laptop or you can borrow a laptop, clicker, and/or HDMI/VGA converter from the GMBA office.  If you need air-conditioning, please contact the information desk on 1/F
  • Oral defense preparation:
    - Hard copies of your thesis
    - Pens and pads
    - Snacks/lunchbox and drink/water
  • If you have non-NTU committee, he/she can have free parking.  Please apply to the office in advance.


After you have sent the application, GMBA office will help to prepare all the necessary forms for the oral defense and send to you via email.  So please fill in the application form correctly and precisely.

Committee Member Guidelines

  • A committee of 3-5 members (including your advisor(s)), with no limitation on NTU or non-NTU members. 


  • Members of the committee should contribute to the topic, creativity, presentation, or technical aspects of the thesis, and have at least one of the following traits:
    - Current or past (assistant/associate) professor
    - Current or past (assistant/associate) researcher of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan
    - A Ph.D., with significant academic achievement
    - An accomplished expert in the thesis related field (Committee members are usually confirmed by your advisor) 

  • A committee member cannot be your family member. 


  • Other preparation arrangements are at the discretion of thesis advisor(s).
After your oral defense
  • Submit all the graduation required documents to the GMBA office after your defense.
  • Amend your thesis according to the comments of your oral defense committee.
  • Submit the amended thesis to GMBA office for further English proficiency/formatting check (see here).  Once it is approved, you will get the Oral defense documents signed by the Program Director.  Please see the GMBA Dissertation Handbook for the requirements. Please allow a maximum of 5 days for the review to be completed.
    • If you are hoping to graduate speedily, consider inviting the Thesis Committee Coordinator to join your oral defense as a committee member. You will then be able to get the checklist on the same day as the Oral Defense.

3.2 Submit hardcopies and softcopies to GMBA office and NTU Library


  • When the soft copy is approved by the library, please print out at least 3 hard copies, 2 for the NTU library and 1 for the GMBA office.  Please note that the cover page should be burgundy or dark red in color. (Details please read the Thesis Guideline)