2021 Fall
Course Schedule

New Elective Course Introduction

Digital Trends and Management in Cloud Computing數位趨勢與雲端運算管理(Course ID: 749 M1520)
Instructor: Leon van Jaarsveldt 堯里昂  Please check out his profile here

This course will be of special interest to students who want to become more aware of global digital trends, cloud adoption, and the relevant managerial and regulatory challenges of running a business in the contemporary online world.

The course begins by looking at some of the key theoretical concepts surrounding the need for digital innovation, the advantages it brings to competitiveness, and the risks associated with innovation. 

Next, students will learn how to work with cloud technologies and how digital solutions are being leveraged amongst start-ups and small to medium enterprises. For this section, we invite speakers from Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of web hosting services with over 1.16 million companies globally. Distinguished AWS guest speakers will cover some of the key cloud solutions and explain how companies are innovating on top of the cloud and meeting key managerial challenges. This will be combined with real-world case studies as we invite companies to work with students on their final projects and help them explore some of the key trends and challenges companies face on the international stage.

Finally, the course investigates past cases from diverse online business settings to highlight key emerging digital trends and their accompanying managerial and regulatory challenges.

Key objectives include introducing:

  • Introduce the key platforms that drive innovation, industry leaders, risks, and opportunities 
  • Introduce why cloud adoption is so important to today’s companies
  • Introduce the well-architected framework for cloud adoption
  • Introduce the culture of innovation and how product development is conducted
  • Introduce key trends of online enterprises
  • Raise discussion on the managerial and regulatory challenges faced by businesses