Job Opportunity: 海外儲備業務主管(印尼) at AVer Information Inc.


1. Work with HQ to develop new distributors and maintain current business in Indonesia.

2. Lead and organize sales and marketing activities to raise company’s brand recognition in Indonesian market.

3. Coordinate with internal and external parties as the agent to execute business development.

4. Collect information about opening Representative Office in Indonesia, including conditions, rules, laws and resources company can use.

5. Location: Training in Taiwan for initial 6 to 12 months. Station in Indonesia after qualification.


工作經驗: 3年以上


[印尼文] 聽: 精通, 說: 精通, 讀: 精通, 寫: 精通
[馬來文] 聽: 精通, 說: 精通, 讀: 精通, 寫: 精通
[英文] 聽: 精通, 說: 精通, 讀: 精通, 寫: 精通


1. Education | A Bachelor’s degree in Business Management related field is required;
2.. 3+ years’ experience in Business Management and Development role is required.
3. Proficiency in spoken and written English and Bahasa Indonesia.
4. Proficiency in spoken and written Chinese is preferred.
5. 5+ years’ experience in Sales & Marketing and Business Management is highly preferred.
6. Candidates must be eligible / authorized to work in Indonesia.

Note: 本職缺前6-12個月會先在台灣做培訓,未來工作地點會在印尼

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