Krisztina Gyimes & Naomi Liu
We have great opportunities for identifying resources and networking within our GMBA class alone; however, many of us lack knowledge of most of our classmates' backgrounds and experiences, let alone those of the alumni and professors. GMBA Connect can work as a platform or tool for all current students, alumni, and faculty to get to know one another. Short but explicit descriptions of personal background information will be posted on the website and GMBA newsletter. Self-presentations will be given on Monday and Wednesday evenings before core classes. GMBA Connect is a great way to learn about one other.


Krisztina Gyimes 束力雅



I am an aspiring Marketing Strategist Manager with a strong sense for teamwork and logistics, consistently delivering quality results in cross-cultural teams with a forward-thinking, cross-functional mindset.

As a leader, I use psychology as a tool to impact the business setting by introducing more efficient methods of organization, leadership, motivation, loyalty and teamwork.

Graduated from the University of Southern California earning her degrees in Economics and Psychology.

Before starting my GMBA studies, I was on the Hungarian National/Olympics Rowing Team for over a decade.

In the next five to eight years I plan to work in Shanghai, China.




Naomi Chien-Yu Liu 劉千瑜



A young professional with Biotech and in vitro diagnostic industry experiences since 2014, in both North America and Asia. With specialties concentrated in creative thinking and problem solving, possessing a solid understanding of e-marketing and design tools- in possession of Google AdWords certification, expert user of Photoshop and Illustrator software in professional occasions. 

 Working as a product marketing specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2016, staged seminars for healthcare practitioners, regularly projected medical congresses and periodically structuring new marketing strategy frameworks.