GMBA students celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Dajia Riverside Park

Dragon Boat Festival is coming! How do we know? Because the NTU GMBA Dragon Boat team is hard at work preparing, of course! This year, GMBA students have taken to heart the core of the program’s message: connecting across cultures through common knowledge and experiences. To really live that idea, the student council of the program has put together an excited team to compete in the 2018 Taipei Dragon Boat races during Dragon Boat Festival. The team is happily joined this year by sponsor Transcend Information Inc., a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of storage, multi-media and industrial products that is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. We are proud to be part of that year-long celebration!


On May 12th, the GMBA team got together for the first time at San Jiao Du for an introduction to the culture and history of Dragon Boat Festival. This event introduction helped members of the team, most of whom had never set foot in a dragon boat before, understand just how to row one of those famous boats for the upcoming races. The team went twice onto the water to get a feeling for the boat and paddles and really understand just what they had gotten themselves into. It was great to see team members from all over the world enjoying themselves and learning about Dragon Boat Festival. On June 16th, make sure to look for NTU’s GMBA team and give them a big cheer!