Cozy Thanksgiving potluck with GMBA family

With the weather getting gradually colder, the GMBA student council decided to throw a Thanksgiving event that radiated warmth in the form of a simple potluck held at Dart’s Gym, a favorite hangout of GMBA students. Over 40 students showed up, along with friends and family. The atmosphere was cozy and lively, with some students lounging on comfortable couches and chatting with friends, while others engaged in games of darts, and a good number just scurried around the center table sampling all the delicious food.


The variety of food students brought was certainly a sight to behold. It was obvious some spent hours in the kitchen, preparing dishes from their own countries. Salads, appetizers, main courses, desserts, you name it, we had it.  There was an enormous pot of homemade American macaroni and cheese, prepared with five different types of cheeses, Taiwanese stir fried rice noodles that were deliciously comforting to eat, cream cheese drizzled with pumpkin oil flown straight from Austria, a fudgy Swiss chocolate cake, and much more. The event lasted for six whole hours and everyone left feeling extremely well fed!