Hamsaja Channagiri Harish & Abhishek Kumar
We have great opportunities for identifying resources and networking within our GMBA class alone; however, many of us lack knowledge of most of our classmates' backgrounds and experiences, let alone those of the alumni and professors. GMBA Connect can work as a platform or tool for all current students, alumni, and faculty to get to know one another. Short but explicit descriptions of personal background information will be posted on the website and GMBA newsletter. Self-presentations will be given on Monday and Wednesday evenings before core classes. GMBA Connect is a great way to learn about one other.


Hamsaja Channagiri Harish 何漢莎

Email: Hamsaja.ch@gmail.com 


Skilled professional expert with 3 plus years of diverse experience in financial services. I have rich experience in middle and back office operational activities of investment vehicles under alternative assets. Skilled at being an effective client advocate, acting team leader and technical expert in hedge funds.

Analytical skills: Settling hedge fund trade, cash payments, custodian and sub custodian banking, project management, Scripting procedure, documentation and client reporting

Graduated from Bangalore University, India, in Business Administration and Management, Major in Finance.

Abhishek Kumar 古安畢

Email : kabshk@gmail.com


Hometown: Gaya, India

Favorite Place: Mountains of Taiwan

Moved to Taiwan: August 2014

Experienced professional in IC backend physical design from RTL synthesis , DFM, timing and physical signoff with more than 6 chip tape-outs with various MNCs in India, Singapore and Taiwan including product companies and Foundries