Brian B,



When you leave home and come to work and study in a foreign context, every moment of every day becomes a learning experience.

After a year of study in the GMBA, not only can I now lead with a name card instead of a handshake, but I can also appreciate how my case group team members see and process problems differently, and a whole lot more. But one of the best things about studying in a foreign context is that I get to use my experiences here in Taiwan as a mirror against my home culture.

For instance, while learning Chinese on the side is useful, what might be more beneficial is how I have started to understand the role of the English language in the world. I’ve experienced first-hand that while English may be “my” native language, it’s spoken by more than twice as many people as a foreign language, a concept that has incredible implications for how we communicate across borders moving forward.

That concept, of drawing connections – discussing the differences between then and now, here and there – is what the GMBA demands of each one of us. It’s what allows us to explore not just the business landscape and culture Taiwan or China but also of Thailand, Peru, and the Netherlands too.


Kevin C.



Top school, top students, set on a backdrop of cultural and professional diversity. This, together with the case method of instruction, really allows us fully utilize and learn from the differing perspectives of our peers.


Orathai C.



Hi, I'm Bee from Thailand. I'm a second year student of GMBA, NTU. Before I applied to GMBA, I was a relationship manager in corporate banking at TMB Bank PLC.


The reason why I chose GMBA at NTU is because of the program’s multidisciplinary approach to modern international business management. Also, the university’s well-known technologies and innovations to solve global challenges.


I'm very proud to be a part of, and enjoy my life in the GMBA. I have gained a lot of valuable experience from the professors and professional guest speakers during class.


Case studies also enhance my way of thinking and improve my problem solving skills. Group assignments and discussions provided me a chance to cooperate with students from different backgrounds, bringing me culture shock but also new points of view.


Moreover, I am so delighted to join the L.I.V.E events which are organized by the GMBA Student Council. L.I.V.E. invites guest speakers from different businesses to share their brilliant ideas and skills.


Because of GMBA, I now understand more deeply about management skill in the real business world, and can use this knowledge in my future career.


Natalie H.



Being in a school with a well-known name and alumni association for my MBA was really important to me.


Also, a multinational community with student/peers from different backgrounds, and expertise that helps expand my vision and knowledge were other attractions.


Through this program, I am capitalizing my academic and professional opportunities. Because of the support given to me by all the professors, classmates, and staff here in the GMBA program.


Zara H.



I believe learning to better myself is about how you apply what you have learnt from school to your real life. That’s why I chose to be in this program.


Getting to know people with different backgrounds, sharing professional experiences, and learning from each other through the Global MBA program of National Taiwan University has been a most beneficial experience.


Melody L.



Through the multi-disciplinary NTU Global MBA program, I obtained several strategic management tools and developed my analytical skills. This has put into place a solid basis for achieving the goals I have set for my career paths.


NTU Global MBA program is also valuable in helping me establish cross-cultural connections. These connections, combined with the great global alumni community, have helped me become a more competitive business talent, for my future.


Matea M.



I joined the Global MBA program of NTU in the summer of 2015. My first real contact with other students happened at a dinner organized for the newcomers. I have known from that moment on that I had made the right choice.


GMBA program gets you in contact with brilliant local and international professionals who are already established in their fields. Like myself, they are looking for other ways to enhance their knowledge, ability and careers.


The faculty is made up of professionals who have knowledge of both the business world and academia.  The program introduces best practices, as well as the Asian business world.


I am glad to be part of the GMBA community! I am also looking forward to becoming an alumni to connect with others who have also explored this path.


Montana S.



I have gained a lot of knowledge from the experienced professors in my GMBA courses. Apart from that, I also developed practical skills and business mindset from working in groups, through case studies and projects.


Most importantly, it’s great to work with smart people from different countries and backgrounds. They come here with passion, and I feel motivated to learn and improve myself — just to keep up with them.


Not only we study hard in class, we also have social activities and party together.


Thanks to my lovely classmates, my student life in GMBA was meaningful and filled with good memories.


Emily C.



Unlike many other business school programs, GMBA is a small but focused group. Deep connections and supportive relationships are structured and formed through the design of the courses.


I have also learned and matured with my international classmates, who have distinctive, well-accomplished backgrounds. I have also found them to be thoughtful, warm and humble.


Through these networks built inside and outside of the GMBA program, I gained many extraordinary learning experiences.


The journey of GMBA has truly been a pleasure of my life.


Julien M.



I chose NTU GMBA because it is a strong program from one of the best schools in Asia. The curriculum and classes are also made to be the best so I could improve and learn.


However, this program also allowed me to meet young professionals from all over the world. I work with them, exchange with them, argue with them and learn from them.


Overall, my time in the GMBA program - not only in class time, but also my work with our GMBA student council - was an amazing human adventure that allowed me to gain knowledge and develop my skills.


Evan S.



I entered the program hoping to learn more about the Taiwanese and Asian markets, and business practices. I left with so much more than I imagined.


Not only did I gain more than I originally sought, I built connections and friendships, with classmates, office workers, and professors from all around the world. These relationships are absolutely invaluable.


Even if our paths never cross again, to me, our interactions are already priceless. I am truly grateful for the friendships, and everything I have learned and gained from the GMBA program. My time at National Taiwan University’s Global MBA program is one that cannot be replaced.


Christine O.



The most valuable part of GMBA is the connections you will make, because you will meet classmates from around the world with professional backgrounds in different industries.


I joined the NTU GMBA program in order to learn the fundamentals of business in an Asian context, and to supplement my background in liberal arts.


The program's location in Taipei is also the perfect place to learn about business and culture in Asia.

This program was certainly the stepping stone that helped accelerate my career as an international manager.


Jerome P.



NTU GMBA has so much to offer in academics, soft skills, and networking opportunities because of the diversity of GMBA.


People from different backgrounds gather for a common goal. They embrace their differences and learn from each other. I have made life-long friends, earned invaluable knowledge, and met mentors that inspire me.


As the only Malaysian in class, I enjoyed sharing details and knowledge about my home country. I really enjoyed these cultural exchanges. There is less of a language barrier! Also, I am happy to be surrounded by people from various backgrounds and professions.


My time in NTU GMBA and Taiwan had certainly shaped what am I now and where am I now. I would urge all of you to find out more about the program!


D. S. White



One of the many reasons why I chose the GMBA program at NTU is I needed more training to run a small business.


I studied the music business for my bachelor’s degree in the United States. I had some success managing businesses which focused on the arts, as a sole proprietor. However, I knew I needed more.


Take it from me. Any venture into the arts - as a business - is risky. To pull it off, you need to draw from a wide pool of knowledge. Areas such as logistics, entertainment management, and marketing.


What I wanted was the theoretical and practical knowledge that makes a business work. This is what NTU gave me. Now, I run a small publication called Longshot Island and my studies at NTU made this possible.


Anna Sheng



Life is full of surprise and uncertainty, but that's the charm of life, as well.


Taiwan is similar to Mainland China in language, but it is a different kind of market. In Taiwan, I hear all kinds of voices and get to know people from other parts of the world.


My mind is open. My passion is renewed. It's nice to have the experience of studying and living here.


Arun Chandran



I chose NTU because of its reputation as the top university in Taiwan, and because it offered broad and diverse GMBA subject choices in English.


The NTU GMBA provided me with a significant breadth of knowledge from outstanding professors and introduced me to a network of driven classmates. The activities and assignments encouraged me to interact with people and, in turn, grow as a person. I am indebted to NTU and the GMBA program for what it has provided me.