There are various scholarship offerings for current international degree students and new international degree students. You may check each scholarship requirements before going on application.
Scholarships for Current Students
l  GMBA Scholarship
l  Financial Assistance Grant for International Students
l  Rotary Club of Taipei Tienmou Scholarship
Scholarships for Prospective Students
l   NTU Scholarships
2.         Financial Assistance Grant for International Students
3.         GMBA Scholarship
l   Taiwan Government Scholarships
1.         MOE Taiwan Scholarship 
2.         MOFA Taiwan Scholarship 
3.         MOST Taiwan Scholarship 
Other Scholarships
l   Mekong 1000 project (Vietnamese only)
l   Global Education Program (Only for Russian)
E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship (2018 Awardees)
GMBA Scholarship


Available Degree: GMBA Students

Coverage and Amount: 100,000~120,000/year

Duration: 1 year

Description: This scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding academic results. (For 1st year students, we will access your documents provided upon application; for current year students, we will access your transcripts of the previous academic year)

How to Apply: See announcement on the GMBA website.

Financial Assistance Grant for International Students

Available Degree: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

Coverage and Amount: Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 6,000/month for 12 months

Duration: 1 year

Description:  By combining former scholarship schemes together, NTU has established this Grant since 2015 to facilitate integration with the international community by encouraging academic excellence.

How to Apply:  Online Application System 

Please read the explanation carefully in the online application system to prepare for your scholarship application.

For more scholarship offers, please go to the OIA website: