Graduation step by step
Important timeline

Decide Thesis or Business Plan

Prior to finding an Advisor Prior to finding an AdvisorProvide to finding an Advisor
Find your advisor Jan.31 Jul.31
Graduation Application Apr.30 Dec.1
Oral Defense Jul.31 Feb.2
Graduation Application Withdraw(If necessary) Jul.31Jul.31Jul.31JJul.31 Feb.2
Departure Procedures  Aug.20 Feb.24
Step 1. Course selection & Find your thesis advisor

1.Register the course" Master Thesis"during the course selection period

2.Only full-time professors can be your thesis advisor

3. If you would like to invite an adjunct professor, you need another full-time professor to be your thesis advisor

Find Your Thesis Advisor
1.Recommend that you find your advisor(s) by Jan 31

2.Fill up the Advisor Agreement Form
    (1) Obtain your advisor'(s) signature
    (2) Submit it to the Global MBA office
Step 2. Graduation application
Submit hard copies of the documents listed below to the Global MBA office

(1) Online Graduation Application Form 
(2) Credit Approval Form
(3) Course Selection Results

Step 3. Oral Defense

1. Oral Defense Application Form

*Send the form to GMBA office before you have the defense



2. Master Thesis Certification Form

*Do not change the format of this form

3. Oral Defense Grade Form

4. Oral Defense Member list

5. Oral Defense Pay List
6.Oral Defense Post evaluation

*Committee members only

  • Deadline: Fall semester- 2 Feb; Spring semester- 31 Jul
  • Oral defense time: Mon-Fri, 9-5
  • You can borrow laptop and clicker from GMBA office, and if you need air-condition and microphones, please contact the information desk on 1/F
  • Recommendation
    -Hard copies of your thesis
    -Pens and pads
    -Snacks/lunchbox and drink/water

  • If you have non-NTU committee, he/she can have free parking.  Please apply to the office in advance.
  • Hand-in all the forms to the office after your oral defense.
Committee members guidelines
  • A committee of 3-5 members (including advisor), no limitation on number of NTU or non-NTU members.
  • Members of the committee should contribute to the topic, creativity, presentation, or technical aspects of thesis, and have at least one of the following traits:
    -Current or past (assistant) professor
    -Current or past (assistant) researcher of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan
    -A Ph.D., accomplished in the thesis related field
    -An accomplished expert of the thesis related field (Committee members are usually confirmed by your advisor)

  • A committee member cannot be your family member.
  •        Other preparation arrangements are at the discretion of thesis advisor.
After your oral defense
  • Hand all the graduation required documents to GMBA office.
  • Amend your thesis according to the comments of your oral defense committee.
  • When the soft copy is approved by library, please print out at least 3 hard copies, 2 for NTU library and 1 to GMBA office.  Please note that the cover page should be burgundy or dark red in color. (Details please read the Thesis Guidline)