Faculty - GMBA Adjunct

In addition to the instructors from NTU faculty, there are also adjunct instructors invited from top-tier commercial sectors teaching in the program. A strategy of combining the professional practice with the academic excellence allows Global MBA program students to tap into a wide range of expertise and international knowledge to promote better business around the world.


Name: Eric Lien
Title: Associate Professor
Email: chiayinglien@ntu.edu.tw 
Name: Charles Chang
Title: Adjunct Professor
Email: changjiaking@gmail.com


Name: David Chao
Title: Adjunct Professor
Email: taweichao@ntu.edu.tw

Name: Mingdaw Cheng
Title: Adjunct Professor
Email: mingdaw.cheng@gmail.com


Name: Joe Hsueh
Title: Adjunct Associate Professor
Email: joehsueh@ntu.edu.tw

Name: Steffi Yang
Title: Adjunct Associate Professor
Email: steffi.global@gmail.com

Name: D'Arcy Caskey
Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: darcaskey@gmail.com

Name: Kevin Y. Chen
Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: drkychen@ntu.edu.tw

Name: Louis Chen
Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: louis@diamondgroup.com.tw
Name: Szu-Wei Chen
Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: szuweichen@ntu.edu.tw

Source: Forbes
Name: Tony Hsu
Title: Adjunct Professional Expert
Email: thsu@daltonadvisors.com