The Global MBA Information Sessions Successfully Ended with High Attention from Prospective Applicants

Each year during the Global MBA recruitment, the GMBA Office organizes information sessions for those who are interested in applying for the program. Over the past years, information sessions have played an important role in connecting prospective students with the GMBA faculty and staff and have had a positive correlation to the total applications received each year.


This year, the GMBA Office as usual scheduled two afternoons - December 3, 2017 and January 14, 2018 - to promote the Global MBA Program in the College of Management at NTU. The total online registration for both sessions reached a historic high — around 200 registrants.


During each session, the Director of Global MBA, Profession Chialin Chen, gave a thorough presentation covering program benefits, curriculum design, the student body, the faculty, student life and other valuable information. Additionally, several current GMBA students and alumni - namely Nick Panzica, Stella Chang, Christopher Loo, and Alec Jones - came to the sessions to share their personal experiences as part of the GMBA program. The information sessions ended with enthusiastic Q&A sessions between participants and the GMBA Office. Hopefully, the success of these events is a good sign for this year’s Global MBA recruitment.

獲得申請人高度關注的Global MBA招生說明會順利圓滿落幕


中英文撰寫者: GMBA辦公室陳依瑾

自2017年11月下旬,Global MBA已開放國際學生的線上申請,而本地學生的申請也將在過完農曆年後的2月下旬正式登場。為了新一學年的招募工作能順利推展,GMBA辦公室每年都會招開招生說明會,旨在對Global MBA Program感興趣或準備申請的中外人士進行面對面的宣傳。根據過去幾年的經驗,招生說明會在申請者與GMBA辦公室之間扮演了相當重要的角色,而且說明會的與會人數往往與該年度所收到的申請件有某程度的正相關。
今年,GMBA辦公室照常在2017年12月3日和2018年1月14日於台大管理學院安排兩場Global MBA的招說會,而此次線上報名參加的人數意外達到歷史新高 – 將近200人次。

這兩場說明會Global MBA執行長陳家麟教授皆親自出席,並就課程設計,學生組成,教師,學生生活等進行詳細介紹。除此之外,GMBA辦公室也邀請了GMBA學生與校友,包括Nick Panzica,Stella Chang,Christopher Loo和Alec Jones來分享他們在GMBA的個人經歷。