Report on Dreammaker: How Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, and Fintech are Shifting the Financial Landscape

Dreammaker: How Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, and Fintech are Shifting the Financial Landscape

Source: GMBA Ananta KarGMBA Office
American Institute in Taiwan and GMBA/ EiMBA/ NTUTEC/ NTUCEP offices of National Taiwan University co-hosted the seminar feature “How Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, and Fintech are Shifting the Financial Landscape” on November 20. The guest speaker, Mr. Jason W. Best is a tech-entrepreneur turned investor who co-authored the crowdfund-investing framework used in the JOBS Act to legalize securities-based crowdfunding in the U.S shared his insights on crowdfunding with participants. Prior to starting the seminar, Prof. Ji-Ren Lee, Director of Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center NTU, delivered an introductory speech citing about the speaker and agenda of the seminar. Speaker, Mr. Janson started talking about the evaluation of important factors such as team, target market, product etc. by the investors prior to funding. He discussed on crowdfunding investors, angel investors and early stage venture capitalist. Furthermore, Mr. Janson talked about twelve crowdfunding tips to ensure that proposed project gets funded in right time. He focussed on different types of crowdfunding such as donations, rewards, debt, equity and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). And he also emphasized on crowdfunding platform should be collaborated with social media platform to disseminate information about the project or business.  A successful campaign in different platforms like bloggers, social media, public relations, traditional media and meetings can accelerate the funding process for the required project or business. If the fundraising reaches the expected goal, it is necessary for the fundraiser to update the progress of the project or business to the investors in a regular interval to meet their expectation. Finally, there was a prolonged Q&A session where participants clarified their doubts and found to be a very in-depth and fascinated discussion between the participants and the speaker.




撰文者: GMBA一年級Ananta Kar寇安南、GMBA辦公室

台灣大學的GMBA / EiMBA / NTUTEC / NTUCEP與美國在台協會台北辦事處共同主辦了11月20日的研討會,此次研討會主要在探討“群眾募資、創投、金融科技如何顛覆傳統金融樣貌”。本專題演講嘉賓Jason W. Best先生是從科技創業轉型為創投者,他合力推動的 ”群眾募資投資框架” 被美國JOBS(Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act)法案所採用,同時也藉此將證券類別的群眾募資合法化,他以深入淺出的方式和與會人士一起分享他對於群眾募資的見解。

活動正式開始前,臺大創意創業中心主任李吉仁教授首先介紹會議議程與受邀講者的學經歷背景。而講者Jason Best先生演講一開始便提出一個重點: 創業者需在投資前充分與投資者就創業團隊、目標市場、產品等因素進行評估與溝通。他也對於”群眾募資投資者” (crowdfunding investors)、”獨立投資人” (angel investors)和早期風險投資人(early stage venture capitalist) 進行了討論。此外,Jason Best先生提到了十二個群眾募資的技巧,此舉是用以確保欲募資之標的物能得到適時的資金援助。他也對聽眾解說關於不同類型的群眾募資,如捐贈,獎勵,債務,股權和虛擬幣(Initial Coin Offering)的差異,並強調群眾募資的平台應與社群媒體平台密切合作,用以快速傳播關於募資的訊息。例如運用在部落格,社群媒體,公關,傳統媒體和會議等不同平台上進行活動宣傳,可大大加速標的物的募資過程。倘若募資金額已達預期目標,募款人必須定期向投資者報告募資進度,以符合投資者的期望。最後的開放提問,現場聽眾非常踴躍提出各式問題,而講者也相當有耐心的一一解惑,這是在場所有人一致認為今日演說最有趣的部分。