2017 Taipei-Paris Innovation Forum

Taipei has been working hard to be a global city all over the world, and has become a world-famous city nowadays. This year, the great politicians and businessman in Paris are invited to Taipei to share their city-innovation experiences and are going to discuss two cities’ further cooperation in the future. In 2016, we set “Culture Development”, “City Development”, “Industry Development” as our forum topic to invite people from government, industries,and academics of Taipei and Paris. The forum shows our positive attitude that Taipei can pave the way to connect with the world and bring resources and information back to Taiwanese industries.
The forum topic this year is “Driving innovation for Industry”, and the sessions are “Talent x Tech”, “Space x Institution”, “Networking x Industry” and “Industry Innovation: Taipei x Paris strategies”.
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Or email: taipeiparis2017@gmail.com