Thesis Writing Workshop

It is about time to determine your thesis writing and also your thesis advisor. Thus GMBA Office is going to schedule two Thesis Writing Workshops for you. 
We will invite difference professors in each session to talk about their research fields, so if you would like to attend both sessions, you are very welcome.
Those who come for thesis writing workshop, GMBA office will prepare simple meal boxes for you. Please give us your diet preference in the sign-up google doc and make sure you come on time.

Sign-up link is here:

(Google doc will be closed by Nov. 22)

Date: Nov. 28

Venue: Room 405 CoM#1

Date and Time

Name of Professor

11/28  6:15-6:30 pm


Reception and introduction

Prof Chia-Lin Chen  陳家麟  老師

11/28  6:30-6:45 pm


Prof. Ling-Chieh Kung

孔令傑  老師

11/28  6:45-7:00 pm


Prof. Luo Lu


11/28  7:00-7:15 pm


Prof. Sunny S. Yang

楊曙榮  老師


Date: Dec. 4

Venue: Room 103 CoM#2

Date and Time

Name of Professor

12/4 12:15-12:30 pm

Reception and introduction

Prof Chia-Lin Chen  陳家麟  老師

12/4  12:30-12:45 pm



Prof. Ruey-Shan Guo  郭瑞祥  院長

12/4  12:45-1:00 pm


Prof. Cheng-Wei Wu

吳政衛  老師

12/4  1:00-1:15 pm


Prof. Jung-Yun Han

韓廷允  老師

12/4  1:15-1:30 pm


Prof. Chia-Ling (Eunice) Liu

劉佳玲  老師

12/4  1:30-1:45 pm


Prof. Miriam Garvi

葛明伊  老師

12/4  1:45-2:00 pm


Prof. Keng-Yu Ho

何耕宇  老師

12/4  2:00-2:15 pm


Prof. Audrey Hsu

許文馨  老師

12/4  2:15-2:30 pm


Prof. Chun-Yao Huang

黃俊堯  老師

12/4  2:30-2:45 pm


Prof. Kun-Chih Chen

陳坤志  老師

12/4  2:45-3:00 pm

Prof. Kuan-Chou Ko

柯冠州  老師