Lounge and Lockers Update

Global MBA Lounge/Lockers

The Global MBA Student Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the College of Management, Building I.


Global MBA Lounge Usage Policies & Regulations

  1. All personal belongings must be placed inside the individual lockers. The top of the lockers is not a storage area. All items placed outside the lockers will be disposed.
  2. If you are the last one, turn off all the lights and the A/C when leaving the lounge.
  3. Keep the lounge door closed at all times. Visitors must be accompanied by a Global MBA student.
  4. Keep the noise at a conversational level.
  5. Do not remove the furniture from the lounge.
  6. Do not vandalize or damage any part of the lounge facilities, area, and space.
  7. There is no scheduled maintenance; students must clean up after themselves.
  8. GMBA students must adhere to the policies set by the College of Management.

Please note that the Global MBA lounge is a privilege. Failure to follow the rules and regulations will result in the forfeiture of the Global MBA lounge from the students by the College of Management.

Global MBA Lounge Locker and Locker Occupancy

There are 60 lockers located in the student lounge for rental. Please follow the below procedure for the locker rental:

  1. The lockers are arranged in the following order:
1 2 3 16 17 18 31 32 33 46 47 48
4 5 6 19 20 21 34 35 36 49 50 51
7 8 9 22 23 24 37 38 39 52 53 54
10 11 12 25 26 27 40 41 42 55 56 57
13 14 15 28 29 30 43 44 45 58 59 60

*Lockers marked blue are available for rental

  1. Download the Global MBA Lounge Locker Application Form here.
  2. Submit the application form to the Global MBA Office with TWD500 deposit.
  3. Submission of locker application constitutes acceptance of locker user’s policy.

Locker User’s Policy

  1. The borrowing of a locker is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. The locker user must submit a TWD500 deposit to the Global MBA Office to receive a locker key. The deposit will be returned to the user upon return of the key. The locker key must be returned to the Global MBA Office prior to the user’s departure from NTU College of Management. The Global MBA Office will not provide any additional reminder on this matter, and the office reserves the right to confiscate the items in the locker if the user does not return the locker key by his/her departure date.
  3. The TWD500 deposit shall be automatically forfeited if the user loses the locker key. The user will be required to put down another TWD500 deposit to obtain a second key. Furthermore, if the user damages the locker or locker key, the user will be responsible for all costs associated with the replacement thereof.
  4. The Global MBA Office is not responsible for any lost or damaged items stored in the lockers.