GMBA Graduation Ceremony 2023
GMBA Graduation Ceremony 2023

The time has come again to say goodbye to another batch of students again. Last Sunday, 28 May 2023, GMBA held the graduation ceremony successfully at Sun Great International Conference Hall, representing the remarkable achievement of MBA graduates and igniting their passion for the future.

Before the event started, the students and their families and friends could be seen with smiling and proud faces, gathering for the event. The atmosphere was filled with a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation. The event started at 9:30 AM, with the entrance of students and professors. After seated, the video about their memories, the events participated in, and the wishes and congrats from the juniors made all the attendees more sentimental. Later, the Dean of the Department of Management, Prof Shing- Yang Hu- gave a congratulatory speech about the graduates' resilience in facing obstacles such as the Covid pandemic the last years, while also encouraging them to maintain their entrepreneurial spirit going forward.

Next, our honorable guest, Mr. Victor Wu, Director of Taiwan Impact Association, mentioned that our G from GMBA, represents Golden. He also emphasized the importance of redefining the role of a business leader, by moving beyond the sole focus on maximizing profit. He encouraged graduates to embrace a broader vision, emphasizing the need to create social value and that social value creation and profit generation are linked.

Then, the program director of GMBA, Prof Audrey Hsu, imparted a message about this graduation event serves as a powerful symbol of resilience, power, and hope, demonstrating the students' abilities to overcome the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Despite challenges such as remote learning, the graduates have committed a lot to achieve their dreams.  While embracing the responsibility that comes with their achievements, the students should think big and work passionately towards their goals.

Later, one of the exciting moments of the event, “Breaking the time capsule” came. Students wrote a letter to their future when they started the program. The director was to pick one of the lucky winners from many envelopes and present his/her letter. The crowd was so excited during the lottery moment, and the winner was Peter Chang. He read the letter from himself who wished to share a great time with classmates, teammates and he hope to gain more management knowledge, and gain more opportunities for the future and, he really made it!

Then, Helen Sun, Class of 2022 Student council President, highlighted the graduates' dedication to their education, overcoming various challenges and balancing multiple responsibilities, ultimately culminating in their graduation as a testament to their hard work, and emphasized the significance of a global mindset, diversity, and importance of giving back as mentorship in the future.

Finally, the most significant moment of the event had arrived. The students lined up and professors were invited to the stage to deliver the certificates and turn the tassels. They embodied the culmination of years of hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Each graduate’s unique journey was acknowledged and celebrated, showcasing their growth as leaders and readiness to make a lasting impact in the business world. After, taking memorable photos with the professors, and having the celebration lunch together, the event ended successfully.