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Join GMBA Info Session and get to know more about us!

GMBA Info session (招生說明會) is coming! In the Info Session, we will have students and alumni to share their GMBA journey and also tips when doing the application. GMBA Director, Professor Audrey Hsu, will give a brief introduction of our program, and why you should choose us. We will also have GMBA Student Council representative to introduce their structures and also the amazing events of them!

Online Session:
Date: Nov 25, 2022 to Mar 9, 2023
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GMBA Director, Prof Audrey Hsu
Ansem Chai (Overseas Chinese, Class of 2024)
Mike Kappler (International, Class of 2024)
Sharon Fu (Local Taiwanese, Class of 2024)
Natasha Li (VP, GMBA Student Council, Class of 2023)
Yusuf Alam (GMBA Alumnus, Class of 2021)

In-person Session:
Date: Jan 15, 2023 (Sun)
Time: 14:00-17:00
Venue: C. C Hung Hall, 10/F., Building I College of Management, National Taiwan University
Dean of College of Management, Prof Shing-yang Hu
GMBA Director, Prof Audrey Hsu
Judy Lan, Wei Chia (Local Taiwanese, Class of 2024)

Lamberto Lauengco (International, Class of 2023)
Dana Shires (GMBA Alumnus, Class of 2019)
Jessica Sun, Chieh (GMBA Alumna, Class of 2011)


For local applicants and foreigners who are staying in Taiwan, hope you may come and meet our GMBAers, and get connected. Let's see how was the Info Session last year:

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