Syllabus and application of Responsible Leadership for Spring 2018
Course Description: Responsible leadership – or the challenges of leadership in a changing world

This course is an intensive course on leadership that seeks to address some of the challenges of leadership in a changing world. Through five topical blocs (finding meaning in leadership, unlocking potential, leadership communication, pitfalls of leadership, and sustainable leadership), students are invited to reflect more deeply on what constitutes responsible leadership today, by making sense of tensions at the micro, meso and macro levels as well as opportunities to take the lead in a triply constructive (i.e. social, environmental and economic) sense.
The sessions are distributed across four weekends, each involving highly interactive sessions through a combination of discussions and other in-class activities. Students are expected to actively participate in all elements of the course, and have prepared readings beforehand.

Syllabus are available here:

This course is open to all students, but if you are not from GMBA, please kindly email the instructor your CV and a short essay about why you want to study this topic.  Thank you.