Course schedule for Spring 2018 (106-2)
Here comes the course schedule for Spring 2018.  The final version will be announced later again when classroom is confirmed.  Thank you for your patience.
2018 Spring Semester (106-2) English-taught Courses offered by GMBA
Required/ Curriculum Identity Number Course/Credit Instructor Time
必修/選修 課程識別碼 課名/學分 授課教授 時間
Required 749EM0010 Thesis The final grade of this course accounts for 50% of students’ graduation grades shown on transcripts.
碩士論文 (mandatory 0 credits) The remaining 50% of students’ graduation grades on transcripts will be the average of all the courses taken during the program.
749EM1030   Chunyao Huang Monday
Marketing Management (3) 黃俊堯 14:2017:20
行銷管理學(3) Yi Wen Chien E. Sun Hall
  簡怡雯 Building I
749EM1040     Wednesday
Management Accounting (3) Kun-Chih Chen 18:2521:05
管理會計學 (3) 陳坤志 Classroom 402
    Buliding I
749EM1050     Wednesday
Organizational Behavior (3) Miriam Garvi 14:2017:20
組織行為 (3) 葛明伊 E. Sun Hall
    Building I
749EM1070     Monday 
Financial Management (3) Yen-Cheng Chang 18:2521:05
財務管理 (3) 張晏誠 E. Sun Hall
    Building I
749EM1220     Friday
Strategic Management (3) Jung Yun Han 18:25 ~ 21:05
策略管理 (3) 韓廷允 E. Sun Hall
    Building I
Elective 749EM0620       
GCP- Global Consulting Practicum-2 (2) Seng-Cho Timothy Chou TBA
全球顧問實習(二)(2) 曹承礎 GCP team members ONLY
749EM0930     Tuesday
Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Valuation(3) Wen-Hsin Hsu 18:25 ~ 21:05
財務報表分析與企業評價(3) 許文馨 Classroom 405
    Building I
749EM0860      Thursday
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business (2) Edward Hsieh 18:2520:10
公益創業及社會企業(2) 謝冠雄  Classroom 405
    Building I
749EM1350     Tuesday
Managing Strategic Alliances from a Global perspective (3) Jung Yun Han 14:2017:20
全球觀點之策略結盟管理(3) 韓廷允 Classroom B101, B1F
    Building I
749EM0840     Thursday
Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (3) Chialin Chen 14:2017:20 
科技與創新管理(3) 陳家麟 Classroom 103
    Building I
749EM0580     Thursday
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3) Seng-Cho Timothy Chou 09:1012:10
創業與創新(3) 曹承礎 Classroom 405
    Building I
749EM1300      Mar. 3-4; 24-25;
Leading Systems Change: Systems Thinking for a  Joe Hsueh Apr. 22; May 20
Sustainable World 薛喬仁 *intensive; all day
引領革新:系統思考與永續發展 (3)   Classroom 204
    Building I
749EM1340     Mar. 2 (1420-1720)
    May 12; 19; 26-27
Responsible Leadership (3) Miriam Garvi Jun. 2; 9
責任領導(3) 葛明伊 *intensive; all day
    Classroom 403
    Building I
749EM1140   Jia-King Chang Mar. 10 (0910-1210)
Global Management Forum (2) 張佳欽 Apr. 21 (0910-1210)
管理實務講座(2) Ming Daw Cheng *Study trip to China
Apr. 1-5
  鄭名道 Classroom 403
    Building I
749EU0110     Mar. 11
Classroom 405;
Apr. 14
Chinese Family Business(1) Litsung Chen Classroom 402;
華人家族企業(1) 陳立宗 Building I
    *intensive; all day
749EM1080     Apr. 15 (0900-1800)
Apr. 27 (1420-1720)
Apr. 28 (0900-1400)
Global Value Investment(1) Tony Dan Hsu *intensive
全球價值投資實務(1) 許心達 Classroom 402
    Building I